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JetStream Freedom: Portable Power Wash Gun Wireless

JetStream Freedom: Portable Power Wash Gun Wireless

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Experience the freedom of effortless cleaning with our JetStream Freedom: Portable Power Wash Gun. This cordless, dual power marvel is designed for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle.

Anytime, Anywhere Cleaning  With built-in batteries, you can wash your car anytime, anywhere - be it in a high-rise building or the great outdoors.

Easy Charging  Our user-friendly design includes removable batteries that can be easily charged via a Type-C port. No need to charge them with the wash gun itself.

High-Pressure Water Jet  Our portable water absorbing design with powerful pressure accumulation provides an instant, high-pressure water jet. The 3.5m water pipe allows you to use water from a bucket or natural water source.

Power Boost for Thorough Cleaning  We’ve incorporated a high-power motor and half crankshaft connecting rods to drive the high-pressure piston pump, increasing the water pressure. The smooth inner wall of the water flow channel ensures a steady stream of high-pressure power.

Long Battery Life  Equipped with four 18650 lithium batteries, this water gun offers 30 minutes of cleaning time in one go. The real-time battery percentage is displayed at the end of the wash gun, so you can enjoy a thorough clean when it’s fully charged.

Versatile Nozzle  Our five-in-one nozzle allows you to adjust water spray patterns easily. Even if you switch patterns while using it, it will not spray water out of control and you do not need to replace a spray tube.

Note: The five-in-one rotary nozzle is only included in the wash gun set. If you need it, please purchase a set.

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Car wash water gun set*1

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